'; Search - About us is an attempt to create a virtual learning and knowledge discovery environment for the cultural, historical and theological heritage of the Armenian Apostolic Church through the use of semantic and nlp technologies. The project is in an alpha state where its code is being developed and tested. We have done some semantic indexing of few Armenian Sources in English and Armenian to see how effectively the technology scales and vocabularies are adopted for our use. All information is indexed in the form semantic triples and N-Quads. For information discovery we hope to use semantic discovery tools enabling one to connect various entities such as people, events, phenomenon, objects etc. to each other see their connections and interactions through time and space. The project also relies on conventional search through the use of mysql, google custom search and sphinx. All code is being developed in and for php, mySQL, Apache, Linux, unicode environment. RDF APIs will be developed enabling machine to machine information retrieval and processing.

We believe that all information is in some direct or indirect way connected to each other and hope that this attempt will go on to become a stable production tool helping many in their studies and research in the field Armenian church history, theology and arts. Please feel free to contact me if you have any question and comments about the project.

Deacon Arman Galstyan